What Maire Does


A good demonstration of mediumship can be an emotional experience as your soul is touched by the presence of the spirit world. It  should hold the attention of the whole audience as the power of the spirit world engages with the medium and the presence of the other world should be apparent.

Maire demonstrates extensively throughout England, Scotland Wales, and Overseas in order to reach as many people as possible. It is her desire to re-unite you with your loved ones in Spirit and to allow a healing of the soul to take place.

“I am very privileged to be able to publicly demonstrate the reality that our loved ones in Spirit are very much part of our everyday lives and are only a thought away. It is my hope that through communication with the Spirit world I am able to bring comfort and upliftment to many.  It is a privilege to be able to reunite so many with their family and friends who have passed over, albeit just for a short time, thus inspiring others to open their minds to the possibility of this other unseen but very real world.”

Please check the diary page for demonstrations or events near you.


A private reading is an opportunity for a more in depth and personal communication. To gain the most from your reading it is best to approach the situation with an open mind. Understandably there will be certain people who you would like to contact, however it is best not to limit your thoughts to just one person as any one of your relatives or friends can come to communicate. Just sit back, relax and listen to what our spirit friends have to say.

Mediums do not have all the answers nor do they hold the key to your happiness. We are merely a voice for the discarnate spirit. To enable us to have a close connection to them takes dedication, trust, and respect.

Private sittings are completely confidential and usually take approximately 1 hour. Shorter readings of 30 minutes can be arranged by prior agreement. Private Sittings are primarily mediumistic but can also be a combination of psychic/ mediumistic.

If you are unable to visit a medium in person or live outside of the UK please ask for details as Private Readings are available through Skype, Facebook video chat or by telephone.


Maire is a Reiki master and when she is not working with her mediumship she is often found conducting spiritual healing.

Maire often works in an Altered State to administer healing but as she believes our thoughts and intentions hold incredible power she also sends distant healing if requested. If you wish to ask for healing for someone Maire would be more than happy to add their name to her healing list.  As our animals are Spirits too and very much part of our lives, Maire believes we should treat them as we would treat any of our loved ones. Maire is able, with the help of the Spirit world, to send healing for our beloved pets also.

Although the power of Spiritual or Reiki healing can have an amazing effect on us, it is no replacement for conventional medicine and often the combination of the two is the best recommendation.


Maire holds regular Workshops in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and Europe.

She also offers online tutorials and progressive development for overseas Students.

Please ask regarding your own personal requirements or check her diary for dates and times.


Maire is authorised and qualified to Officiate at Your Wedding, at Funerals and at Spiritualist Naming Services. Please contact her for more information regarding any of these Services.