If you are seeking contact, or guidance in any way, please do meet with Maire. Myself and my mother have visited her a number of times. Having lost our very trusted medium three years ago, we felt at a loss as to who to seek out. We came across Maire quite by chance, having had a couple of readings with “psychics” who were really playing a guessing game. Maire however proved herself to be a genuine and very capable medium. When I say her contact is like you sitting in a room chatting with your deceased loved ones, I am not exaggerating. She has a wonderfully strong and genuine connection with the other realms. I was involved in a very unique law suit. Maire literally told me of everything which would happen on each day of the trial, even down to how a legal advisor could not be trusted. She described his physical appearance, his dress, even the colour of his files and required documents which were “missing” on the first day (suspiciously). Apart from her uncanny ability; she is honest and emphatic, and always puts you at ease with her lovely demeanour. She never asks for any information, and if you try to tell her, she will ask you not to do so. She really is amazing, and my mother and I can not recommend her highly enough. The real deal! – S.M.