About Maire

Maire always knew that she was different, but never really knew how or why. From early childhood Maire had a natural ability to see, feel and hear Spirit and although she had no real understanding of the experiences that were occurring, she assumed this was something everybody could do. As the Spirit World was not a subject that was ever discussed within her family, she was very reluctant to talk about it to anybody as she would often get into trouble for “knowing” things that she shouldn’t. As time went on, she learned to close her mind to these mediumistic experiences, and although she would still have the occasional experience she lived a very ordinary life with her family in Liverpool.

Maire’s fascination with the afterlife developed after she visited a medium with her mother at the age of 12, and her  natural psychic abilities flourished when her mother taught her to read tea leaves ‘for a bit of fun’.

Although she maintained an interest in the afterlife, it was only after her mother passed to Spirit that this “interest” developed into something more. Over the next few years, Maire would visit several mediums for comfort and to “talk” to her mum. She began to question how this communication was possible and searched and searched for answers.

After Maire was introduced to a reiki meditation group it opened up that doorway to the Spirit Realms once again. Having  developed a good understanding of life ever-after, she embraced these experiences and has never looked back.

She began to look around for the “right” teacher but soon became aware that in fact it was the Spirit World themselves that were guiding and teaching her. This led Maire on a journey that was both enlightening and fascinating and took her to the Arthur Findlay College where it was confirmed that she had found her true vocation. She has continued to develop her own ability to a professional standard and constantly strives to reach a greater standard of excellence within her mediumship.

Maire now works as a full time medium both in the UK and overseas and holds the position of Officiant within the Spiritualists’ National Union. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her work. She endeavours to pass on her knowledge and experience to others, providing comfort and guidance and indisputable evidence which proves that our Spirits never die.

Our departed loved ones are still very much part of our lives and Maire works extremely hard to reunite the two worlds.  She has a genuine love and respect for the Spirit world and feels privileged to have found her “calling”.

Maire is not only an Officiant of the SNU which means that she is qualified and authorised to Officiate at Funerals, Weddings and Spiritualist Naming Services but she is also a Certificate Holder of the SNU in both Speaking and Demonstrating and is proud of the high standard she has achieved in both.

Maire is aware of the responsibility that is placed upon her when communicating for our friends from the Spirit world, whether in a private sitting, demonstration or Official service and endeavours to work with empathy integrity and accuracy.